Calcium Metal

From our unit in Yangquan, China we have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Calcium Metal. The different types of metal that we offer as part of our range are Calcium Metal Granules, Calcium Magnesium Alloy, Calcium Aluminum Alloy and Calcium Metal Lumps. Please contact us to confirm minimum order quantities and prices of these products.

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Calcium Metal Lumps

The Calcium Metal Lumps that we offer have made us one of the well-recognized manufacturers, exporters and suppliers based in Yangquan, China. These lumps that we offer are much in demand for use in the steel industry and in units that process or manufacture high-alloy steel. The calcium is used to remove impurities and


Calcium Metal Granules

We are a well-known manufacturer, exporter and supplier offering Calcium Metal Granules based in Yangquan, China.  These granules that we offer are guaranteed to be 98.5% pure and have a size ranging from 0-2mm. These granules are used in various applications in the manufacture of steel. It is also used as the reductant in


Calcium Magnesium Alloy

The Calcium Magnesium Alloy  that we offer has made us one of the known manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers based in Yangquan, China. We offer this alloy in the form of ingots or bars. This alloy is can be used as a reducing agent and alloying agent in the smelting process. We offer this product packed on good quality


Calcium Aluminum Alloy

We are a recognized manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Calcium Aluminum Alloy based in Yangquan, China. Offered in irregular-shaped lumps the size of this product varies from 10-100mm, 20-80mm, and 50-150mm. This calcium alloy can be used as a foundry alloy and reduce agent. It is also used for desulfurizing and


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